Source code for linode_api4.groups.tag

from linode_api4.errors import UnexpectedResponseError
from linode_api4.groups import Group
from linode_api4.objects import Domain, Instance, NodeBalancer, Tag, Volume

[docs] class TagGroup(Group):
[docs] def __call__(self, *filters): """ Retrieves the Tags on your account. This may only be attempted by unrestricted users. This is intended to be called off of the :any:`LinodeClient` class, like this:: tags = client.tags() API Documentation: :param filters: Any number of filters to apply to this query. See :doc:`Filtering Collections</linode_api4/objects/filtering>` for more details on filtering. :returns: A list of Tags on the account. :rtype: PaginatedList of Tag """ return self.client._get_and_filter(Tag, *filters)
[docs] def create( self, label, instances=None, domains=None, nodebalancers=None, volumes=None, entities=[], ): """ Creates a new Tag and optionally applies it to the given entities. API Documentation: :param label: The label for the new Tag :type label: str :param entities: A list of objects to apply this Tag to upon creation. May only be taggable types (Linode Instances, Domains, NodeBalancers, or Volumes). These are applied *in addition to* any IDs specified with ``instances``, ``domains``, ``nodebalancers``, or ``volumes``, and is a convenience for sending multiple entity types without sorting them yourself. :type entities: list of Instance, Domain, NodeBalancer, and/or Volume :param instances: A list of Linode Instances to apply this Tag to upon creation :type instances: list of Instance or list of int :param domains: A list of Domains to apply this Tag to upon creation :type domains: list of Domain or list of int :param nodebalancers: A list of NodeBalancers to apply this Tag to upon creation :type nodebalancers: list of NodeBalancer or list of int :param volumes: A list of Volumes to apply this Tag to upon creation :type volumes: list of Volumes or list of int :returns: The new Tag :rtype: Tag """ linode_ids, nodebalancer_ids, domain_ids, volume_ids = [], [], [], [] # filter input into lists of ids sorter = zip( (linode_ids, nodebalancer_ids, domain_ids, volume_ids), (instances, nodebalancers, domains, volumes), ) for id_list, input_list in sorter: # if we got something, we need to find its ID if input_list is not None: for cur in input_list: if isinstance(cur, int): id_list.append(cur) else: id_list.append( # filter entities into id lists too type_map = { Instance: linode_ids, NodeBalancer: nodebalancer_ids, Domain: domain_ids, Volume: volume_ids, } for e in entities: if type(e) in type_map: type_map[type(e)].append( else: raise ValueError("Unsupported entity type {}".format(type(e))) # finally, omit all id lists that are empty params = { "label": label, "linodes": linode_ids or None, "nodebalancers": nodebalancer_ids or None, "domains": domain_ids or None, "volumes": volume_ids or None, } result ="/tags", data=params) if not "label" in result: raise UnexpectedResponseError( "Unexpected response when creating Tag!", json=result ) t = Tag(self.client, result["label"], result) return t