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import requests

from linode_api4.errors import ApiError, UnexpectedResponseError
from linode_api4.objects import (Base, DerivedBase, Domain, Instance, Property,
from linode_api4.objects.nodebalancer import NodeBalancer

[docs]class TicketReply(DerivedBase): api_endpoint = '/support/tickets/{ticket_id}/replies' derived_url_path = 'replies' parent_id_name='ticket_id' properties = { 'id': Property(identifier=True), 'ticket_id': Property(identifier=True), 'description': Property(), 'created': Property(is_datetime=True), 'created_by': Property(), 'from_linode': Property(), }
[docs]class SupportTicket(Base): api_endpoint = '/support/tickets/{id}' properties = { 'id': Property(identifier=True), 'summary': Property(), 'description': Property(), 'status': Property(filterable=True), 'entity': Property(), 'opened': Property(is_datetime=True), 'closed': Property(is_datetime=True), 'updated': Property(is_datetime=True), 'updated_by': Property(), 'replies': Property(derived_class=TicketReply), } @property def linode(self): if self.entity and self.entity.type == 'linode': return Instance(self._client, return None @property def domain(self): if self.entity and self.entity.type == 'domain': return Domain(self._client, return None @property def nodebalancer(self): if self.entity and self.entity.type == 'nodebalancer': return NodeBalancer(self._client, return None @property def volume(self): if self.entity and self.entity.type == 'volume': return Volume(self._client, return None
[docs] def post_reply(self, description): """ """ result ="{}/replies".format(SupportTicket.api_endpoint), model=self, data={ "description": description, }) if not 'id' in result: raise UnexpectedResponseError('Unexpected response when creating ticket reply!', json=result) r = TicketReply(self._client, result['id'],, result) return r
[docs] def upload_attachment(self, attachment): content = None with open(attachment) as f: content = if not content: raise ValueError('Nothing to upload!') headers = { "Authorization": "token {}".format(self._client.token), "Content-type": "multipart/form-data", } result ='{}{}/attachments'.format(self._client.base_url, SupportTicket.api_endpoint.format(, headers=headers, files=content) if not result.status_code == 200: errors = [] j = result.json() if 'errors' in j: errors = [ e['reason'] for e in j['errors'] ] raise ApiError('{}: {}'.format(result.status_code, errors), json=j) return True